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first chapter of my new story

so i spent some time and really worked hard, i hope everyone enjoys the first chapter of my sailormoon fanfic. you guys, you know its all futile in the end, but at least love will save us all save us all as we fall
fall fall fall
save nothing
save everything
and then we die
like my ferreta sty

It was a day unlike any other day and there was a chill in the air. Michiru was outside in a flower-print dress that was black with one of those lace under-things beneath it to give it shiver, and marine cathedral locked in her case in her right hand. She wore dark colours because it was winter and she knows about fashion. She felt a thrill about her, yet ignored it as she made her way to her recital. It wouldn’t be long now before she was bathed in the light of the stage and heard the roar of the crowd (except when she was playing, because they weren’t rude like American people). She smelled a faint glimmer in the air and yet still ventured forth to her destination—the Japanese Music Hall.
She arrived shortly after the audience began arriving and into her private dressing room just for her. There was a program set on her vanity along with her usual equipment of brushes, combs, make-up and floss. She began putting on her make-up, not really caring to notice the program—afterall, she’d read her own description many times and knew what her past was. She then stood when the Impresario knocked at the door and told her to come on, that it was showtime. She removed marine cathedral from her case and her bow, Fallus, and stroked him across her just for a moment noting the sounds as they interwove with her and the room and the sound and smiled. It was perfectly tuned. She made her way out of the room, neglecting the program and into the clutches of her gasping audience. Her music was so good it made their skin crawl.
When the performance ended at half past 8, she headed back to her room and began to pack up her violin and its case. Haruka would be picking her up in her garish yellow car that evening. She was usually late—flirting with the other girls, so she had time to relax post-performance. It was then that the rest of her life would be changed. A sound, sound of all sounds, would siphon into her room and to her ears creating a kind of crying plea like she’d never heard before. A message. Something trying to call out, something desperate, something exotic… Something… Different. Her head turned towards the closed door with a gasp. She rushed forward to the door and threw it open—listening intently as one artist, sifting through the pages of a book to find its meaning—find the chapter that trapped the passage that held the answer… She’d never heard this before. She listened for long moments before returning to her vanity and picking up the program. It stated that after the delightful Kaio Michiru finished playing her violin, the young trio The Starlights would give their performance. A picture accompanied a brief description of the boy band, and she could barely read it when her eyes fell upon the face of the lead singer, the man behind the suit, the message unblurred somewhat in the music… Who is he? Her head thrumped in her chest hard, and harder. She needed to find out.
“Hey Michi.” She hated being called that. She turned to find Haruka there in her same lame-ass I’m a bull-dyke outfit with that hideous vest and handmedown jeans. “Ara… You’ve arrived at last.” Haruka offered a lop-sided smile, “o-o-oh is that jealousy? Keep me satisfied and I wouldn’t flirt so much.” She sneered at Michiru, but Michiru was too classy to respond to that and simply stepped past her. Unfortunately she wouldn’t be able to meet the handsome man in the photo… Not that night at least.