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ch 2 easy cume easy go

so ive been on fire as of late and ive already pooped out my next chapter so enjoy it

Alright so some time is gonna pass.

Two weeks later.

Michiru doesn’t consider ever having the chance to meet the brilliant star (light) because well , she knew she lost her chance because of Haruka.  She goes to the park to play her violin bc they live in an apartment and Haruka cant stand to hear that shit for too long.  She sets down her practice violin, because she doesn’t bring marine cathedral out to just anyone.  She shits and begins playing the violin.  She doesn’t know how long shes playing the violin but at some point (it’s actually been two and a half hours) and she hears a voice from above the music.  It’s a deeper voice with a cool ring to it, it seems to be very sweet sounding and flows in with the music. “You must be Kaio Michiru.”  Michiru stops playing and stands quickly, embaressed that shes been found and begins packing up her practice violin.  That’s when she lifts her eyes to see Seiya.  He is tall and has dark hair.  He is wearing a black and red suit with a yellow tie (not like haruka’s garish yellow car, but a golden softer colour).  He is wearing a smile and looks really cool and calm.  She blushes, “Oh, your one of the Starlights, right?” “Yeah.” He saus.  She nods and gathers her thoughts and gains her composhure.  “Its really nice to meet you.”  “The name’s Seiya,  Michiru.” She watches him skeptically.  “Ara… Seiya.” She liked the sound of his name.  And she liked the way he said her name.  She really liked the way him saying her name made her feel.  He didn’t call her Michi like Haruka did.  “Michiru, I heard you two weeks ago at the concert.  You were really amazing.  I want to know more about you, because I can tell theres more than what meets the eye with you.” He chuckled, and Michiru blushed again.  It made her skin crawl with delight.  But she remembered the woman at home. “Oh well… Ara… Ara, I’m seeing someone Seiya.”  He frowned and lowered his eyes, she could tell the disappointment and sadness within his visage. “Oh, well if you don’t want to..-“ He was interrupted when she reached out and touched his arm and that was when the spark hit.  It was electric! It was sudden and she and he lifted their eyes to one another and watched with a deepness that no one had ever felt between them. It was a colliding of starts, almost, and he couldn’t help but lean in and kiss the woman he knew he loved, and she kissed back because she couldn’t help that she loved him too and he was way better then Haruka because there was a connection there and it just felt so good and she didn’t want to stop but she had to because it was suddenly dark and she heard her name being called and so she turned.  And when she looked back he was gone.