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on a roll

the plot thikens and my heart quikens and all i can say is i do ido i do

Ch           3

She turned around to find Haruka there, wondering where she had been even though she’d told her its just haruka wasn’t listening like she always does.  She walked back home with Haruka but kept looking over her shoulder at the place where she saw him last. 

Many nights would pass and in the dreams she would see him calling to her, watching her (but not stalker like, just cool and in the background) and she couldn’t sleep finally one night like 3 weeks later.  She got up from the bed wearing some hot little onesy that went to her upper thigh and was lavender like her eyes.  She went to get a glass of water but that never works, so she puts on a robe and steps out onto the balcony while Haruka was still in bed.  Shed wondered where he’d been and sighed.  Suddenly she felt a hand on her shoulder and gasped turning around. 

It was he.

She didn’t know what to do or say and he didn’t say anything so she threw her arms around his neck and kissed him super hard and he kissed her and so they kissed together on the balcony in the moonlight with the moonbeams coming down and blanketing them with soft light and it was really nice.  Her chest felt really strange and she looked up at him and then felt overcome with guilt.  “But I can’t…. Haruka…”  She glanced inside but Haruka was still asleep and not caring.  She kept her arms around his neck so that he couldn’t disappear again and then looked back at him.  He had sad eyes.  “If that’s what you want, baby, I can’t stop you.  You’re your own person and though she treats you bad and I would not its your choice.”  She watched him for like a minute.  He was right.  She knew better and just laid her head against his chest.  “Take me away from here.” She sighed.  She felt him smile and lifted her eyes to his. “That doesn’t sound like someone with a broken hart.  It sounds like you want me as much as I want you.”  She nodded.  “then come on. Let’s get out of here and have the night of our lives. If I can’t be with you, at least give me this night.”  He was so romantic and it moved her and she nodded and they were off.  They went to a midnight carnival and he bought her cotton candy and gum and won stuffed bears and just held hands with her and watched her always with loving eyes and it fucking kicked ass and she’d never had such a good night so she told him she loved him and then…. She woke up.