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the end is only the begining

so this is a finised peace.  hope every1 enjoys it. it really caphurs my soul.

Was it a dream? It had to have been a dream because she woke up and she was beside Haruka with a mouthful of blond hair and a slumped form sprawled across her.  She sighed and spit up the hair and stood up.  Michiru went downstairs to the workout faculty because she aint trying to be no fatty.  She paused when a large sent flew past her nose from her shirt.  It was his cologne.  Was it a dream, afterall?  She continued for the rest of the day and wondered what was happening.  She spent the next two weeks thinking about him and their joyride in the midnight carnival and how much fun they had together and the cotton candy and popcorn and his toothpaste tasting kisses.  Harukas kisses always tasted like sweat. 

It wasn’t until a lone afternoon when Michiru was missing him the most that she isolated herself from Haruka’s badgery and sat on a large rock next to the ocean.  This is where she felt she could be herself.  Maybe she should say goodbye to her?  Maybe she should follow her heart because it feels so good with him?  But what kind of person would she be to follow her heart and leave Haruka?  She knew in her heart that because she was a pisces and had to follow her heart that she would have to be with him, but she was stubborn and tried to avert her mind from him.    It was then that she smelled the sweet scent of his cologne—Axe ‘Instinct’.

She turned and gasped almost toppling over herself as she saw the handsome stallion.  “Seiya!”  he took her into his arms and kissed her and she knew then and there that there was no resisting.  This was the man for her.  “Come with me, Michiru.  I lost my planet and you’re the only thing I have and I want to be with you, so leave her, ok?”  She nodded. “Ok.” 

And from that moment on Michiru never stopped smiling and they lived happily ever after.