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the storys gettting so dark, its awesome.  im feeling it super hardcore
in my yoohoo

Saionji was nervous as the weekend past.  He didn’t work on the weekends, and found himself anxious for Monday to roll around.  Maybe they’d get some coffee?

He sontered up to the door bright and early Monday morning.  He had dressed in blue jeans and a red polo shirt.  He looked good.  The door was opened by the house mother and she ushered him in and instructed him for what he’d be doing that day.  After he finished his chores way later, he’d head downstairs.  He hadn’t seen Miki at all that day.  He got up the courage to inquire to the house mother, “Excuse me ma’am, where’s Miki?” She said he went out.

After dinner was prepared, he helped make sure everyone was fed—it looked like friggin slop.  He shuddered to think of the kinds of people that would consider this cuisine.  His heart wrenched.  I bet it was Miki’s favorite dish.  Just then a flash of blue came in and began talking to the house mother.  He turned to see Miki.  His heart leaped into his throat.  Miki paused when he saw Saionji and gave a smile and wave.  Miki was wearing cute short-shorts with a brown, slender belt and a t-shirt that barely covered the bottom bits of his stomach.  He looked happy and went upstairs.  He felt his feet move.  He hadn’t even had dinner?  How can he just starve himself like this? 

Miki turned as he was entering his room and paused altogether when he saw Saionji there.  “Hey there, muffin buns.”  He turned back and emptied his pockets into the bedside drawer.  Saionji swallowed.  “Hey Miki.  You haven’t had dinner y-….”  It hit him like a ton of bricks and he felt his hands clench into fists.  Miki responded off his shoulder as he organized the drawer, “had dinner with a friend.” POW.

Saionji had him by his collar, shoved against the wall with glaring eyes and a set jaw. “YOU GAVE SOME OTHER SHMUCK A BJ? WAS IT GOOD? DID HE LIKE IT? WAS IT SOMETHING ELSE THIS TIME? YOU PIECE OF S*(%T I HOPE YOU GET AIDS, KTHX BYE.”  He shoved him back and stormed out in rightchous indignation.  He made it two blocks before Miki caught up and grabbed his hand to pull him around.  When he did he saw Miki with big sopping tears and a puppy dog face. “Don’t go. I’m sorry. I was so hungry.”  He froze as he watched the boy cry in front of him.  He looked so young.

He arrived home, having placated the boy by telling him he had to go, but now he had to think about what had happened.  He was hurt, yes, but he felt for him also.  That night he thought of the crying boy, the slop for food…. Oh and the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  And he reached his hand in his yoohoo and did the job.