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Nimf of the night

persephone; greek godess

bringer of deustricton

daughter of demter and wife of the undderwolf god

oh my persephone

nimf of the night

i see you rolling along the street corner
making ends meet
i see you more than they
with their footballs kleat

they dont know the dark goddess beneath
their eyes follow you
your feelings they beqweath
breaking your heart too

but youre the wiser with your pocket full
you see me even when you dont look
you know me
even when you dont know

i think ive loved you all along
before i knew what, who, why you were.are
i want your sweet release
in my face, heart, pants

persephone you made my birthday the best
i dont hate life
i just hate my mom for walking in
god the ampounts of strife

i didnt need my allowance
you did
id give you everything baby
if it meant completeion of my Id

game set match

bending and twisting

the sound of cacophony
the only true lock and key
i see the end of the world
but everything changes and curdles
i found a new one
 she took all i have to stun
patricia is an aftertaste
inbetween my bread she pastes
"persephone" is her name
her love i will claim
i am made one and strong
tonight ill hit the bong
for you my darling
ill do the hurdling
conquests are set
and champagne the victor is met
i will dine on your lifes vitae
does that sound okay?

I tried. I failed.

i tried.
i died.
on the moment the bitter cold blade stroke my wrist
i felt my breath catch and then
it came
it fell...
it hit the floor and i was ready while i watched the carrots and peas and
noted the gorgeous beauty and medloy of colours
i was ready to die for yuo
i was prepared
i wanted it and i was ready
i can still hear the blod flow and the sound of my mothers scream
of laughter
until she loked
and saw my death approach
\she saw the reaper come and place his hand upon my shoulder
we were bros
until it happened
until it cursed me
the wrsting with my father and the blood
there was red blood
it pooled
and coagluated
and then...
then a tournquet was tied
and to the hospital
why do you ahte me
i only want deaths sweet embrace
lifes so complicated
its been a gnarly day

a moment


Something happened today
itturned my heart to clay
i saw her walking at the dairy queen
and she wasnt even mean
she said hello while walking her dog
and looked like a hog
by that i mean cheery and gay
and i almosted tempted her to stay
she dog barked and she said goodbye
yet agains he left me with a high
and then i remembered my mint chocholate chip cone
and was glad i was so stoned
because though it was melting it tasted fine
and i ate it all in a stein
i think ill take my life tonight
that i may remember this day so bright
when she opened her world to me
and then swallowed down the key
thank god everyone shall know
that patricias moment with her dog when she wasnt a hoe
goodnight cruel earth
the blackness shall take the child my mother berthed

Jul. 10th, 2010

The pain

I felt the world spin underneath my feeet
and heard the drum poudnings and beats
i wanted to kiss the moonlight
and bring your loves glory to height
but then i rememberd her goodbye
and then went and got high
if only i could know how to say
patricia i love you more each day
but you broke my heart and it hurt
like ernie without his bert
so now ill rmember these pains
and watch you eating your candy canes
i know youre gone for good
so i'll put on my hood
and stay within the darkness
and wear kalas harness
maybe she can show me th light
or maybe serah can fly her kite
all i know is this is this pain in my toe
makes me crave a b urrito
i'll nourish my body with food
but leave my soul leaking with oozzee
goodbye my lover
your happiness my pain will cover

so i wrote this for youknowhow and i think today might be a good day to go to dairy wueen and write becase i feel like ill be a well of inspiration so if you guys want to join me or wahtever.  i meant why would you want to join me?  my life is spinning around and a around and soon ill stop and thatll be it so maybe you guys should just go on and do whatever and forget about me..... like she did.  oh god the tears

its cool
ill go get high


the sea is so dark nowadays
when i watch the waves
i see it in my mind
and i know she doesn't care
shes killing me but i cant hate her
no, no not me
i cant hate
because shes my mate
forever were bound
in her bosom i drownd
i love her i love her
i need my peppermint patty back
that was always a name i called her
when i suffered and felt the curr
please love me patty
and dont be catty
ill be the man you need
promises ill take heed
your my girl
with the flip of your curl

pat/sam meant to be 3/3/10-5-14/10 ill always love you

help meeeeee

i just got this moose to put in my hair to make it do that flippy thing like that guy in thta band but i cant get it to work so like it really blows you know

do any of my girlz now how to stile hair?

for my girl and secrets

sareh my girl youre my number 1 for this week cuz you get it
but kalas also my girl and she was my number 1 last week so its cool

What you don't see you don't know

you need a hand to guide you
because you dont have a que
ill take your heart and lead it
to a place without shit
god doesn't exist
and ive had with a girl a trist
god says i am wrong
but love like this is so long
i once had a crush on you
but theni met her and knew
that love isnt what its supposed to be
and i have a secret indeed
i am supposed to be man
and i want you to understand so i can
i need your support girl more than ever
cuz when i undergo the change clever
please grow and be young
and smile with your tongue

fo kala and partner in grime

id like to give a shout to one of my girls kala

girl this ones for you cuz you were there when i needed someone even though its still killing me

The White Sheet

everyday i see you there
walking like a fine white mare
everyone loves you and thats good
because no one should feel entangled in soot
like me i'll never be truly loved
be careful your heart could be snuffed
at last i think it's finally left
the white sheet on your face has cleft
i wish you well and know youre strong
cuz girl we'll never leave you for long
one day you'll find true love
be faithful and be true cuz
you'll lose it in the end
no matter how your heart extends
chin up little girl thing
i'll protect you as long as my life bings

love and loss

so whatever i guess i'll look back on this and remember you baby

this was for my late girlfriend of almost 2 1/2 months Patricia.  she made the world spin and the moon light my days.

The darkness within

I sit here day and night and remember what we had
baby you should know that within the darkest earth there's light
within the earth they exist even there no matter how bad things get
the sqirm and twinkle
and they are filled to their rim with lubrication
to coat the bad journeys
and you and i know we could take a lesson
because baby like them
i'll find a way to make that journey to you
i'll be the man you need
i'll be the man you need
i'll be the man