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tasklist for the end of times

so i had a dream last night that i think everyone should know about.  i was walking down a long path and some beatiful girl stopped me with a long flowing skitr and deep blue eyes and she she took out a sell phone and txted me this "samm, ur gonna die. so get rdy bc everyone is." and i txted back "lol wut" she didnt respond and just lookd at me.  she totally had a droid phone.  i woke up swetting and i knew it was true.  so i got up and wrote this for the things illneed.

1) toothbrush and toothpaste
2)spare clothes and shoes (just one pair so i can wash one while wearing the other0
3)my sellphone bc they totally hav them in the afterlife, ive seen it!
4) charger i so always forgtet this one whenever i go hang over at boonairs haus
5) drugs, cuz i bet the shits legal therr
6) water (fruit punch mios) and some breakfast burritos and cambells soup cuz that stuff never gos bad
7) my fangs (theyre custom to look just like Edwards, no shitting u, cost a fortune)
8) serahs ass
9) kalas legs
10) nailpolish (i look gret in it even tho im a guy)
11) my ferrett malfoy (shes awesum), my cat eddard stark ( shes a bada$$ and kicks malfoys a$$! no lie)
12) my laptop with a faster connecton then i hav no (fuck my parents nd their goddddamned dsl it sucks)
13)an xobx, but i can oick it up at the store bc people will be dying
14) a big tv like not hat shitty old thing downstairs, i like serahs hers is neat
15) enough condums to last after my surgeryy (not in the mood to be a farther yet  a plol wild spirit here)
16) my external harddrive with my fanfics and kalas drawings
17)  serahs the social one so she can talk to the zombies, srsly shes really good at talking peepsinto things (she talked me into shaving my pubes which isnt manly at all lol with her dads face razor)
18) money from my parents walllet and my little sister who steals my money
19) bullets will be used as cureency too so ill find some or take them from kalas dad hes a gun freak, oh yeah and his gun
20)a place to store my weed bc that last batch was so fcking dry it was like smoking my grandmas potpouri

any other thoughts? theyre welcome.